Welcome to the website of the Tórshavnar Kvøld- Ungdóms- og Listaskúla 

On this page you can find information about courses that Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli offers to foreigners residing in the municipality of Tórshavn and in the rest of the Faroe Islands. 

These courses are specially designed for non-native learners of the Faroese language: 

1. " 20-hr. course in Faroese" for foreigners. 

    This is a free course that all foreigners with residence/work permit are entitled to.
    The course is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education.  

2. " 20-hr. course in Faroese for Scandinavians"
     This is a free course that all Scandinavians with residence/work permit are entitled to. 

3. Faroese for Foreigners

    Language courses designed for English speaking learners.

These courses are part of the regular course programme of the Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli, starting in September/October, ending in March/April of the following year. The length of a course is 40 hours.

NEW 2015/16

Courses in Faroese Language and Culture for people who do not have Faroese as their first language

Tórshavnar Kvøld-, Ungdóms- og Listaskúli – in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Employment Service (ALS) – will be organizing courses in Faroese for non-native speakers of Faroese. The courses are not designed for Scandinavians. Students will be taught Faroese language and culture.

The courses are divided into Beginner’s Level and Advanced Level. Attendance is compulsory. The courses will conclude with a test, after which all participants will receive a verification document for their attendance and a teacher’s comment.

Qualified teacher Ms Bergljót av Skarði is responsible for teaching sessions in collaboration with assistant Ms Eyðbjørg Nilsson. Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli is responsible for practical matters concerning the courses.

Beginner’s Course

Lessons take place in the Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli building in Tórshavn, starting on Monday 24 August 2015 at 9 am. Course duration is 16 weeks, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1.35 pm.

Advanced Course

Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli now offers an advanced course in Faroese. Lessons take place in the Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli building in Tórshavn, starting on Monday 11 January 2016 at 9 am. Course duration is 16 weeks, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1.35 pm. Applicants will be called in for an admission test in November 2015.


Please fill in application forms on the school homepage www.kvoldskulin.fo as soon as possible. 

In addition to these courses for foreigners, the  Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli also offers a range of courses for all residents in the municipality of Tórshavn. Foreigners enjoy equal privilege of participating in these courses in accordance with general rules and regulations (please check these on front page of the Course Booklet).

You are welcome to contact Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli for any further information about the school in general and its courses. Please check for opening hours or send an e-mail.

e-mail: kvoldskulin(kurla)torshavn.fo
tel: (00298) 302472
address: J. H. Schrøtersgøta 1, 100 Tórshavn

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